Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Aahh!!! The wonderful world of electronic gadgets... Here is a list of a few I would like to own right now....

1. Apple IPod/Creative Zen Vision M :

An IPod has a lot of attractive features, great looks and a simple interface... The 5th generation IPods are available in 30GB and 60GB variants and are capable of playing videos too... It has a 256k color screen supporting a resolution of 320 X 240, having a 3 inch diagonal size. As far as audio is concerned, it supports AAC format/ mp3/wav etc (doesn't support wma)

Talking about portable music players, I also came across a worthy competitor, the Creative Zen VIsion M... Looks similar to the IPod, but has some qualities which makes it score over an IPod - mainly its support for wma. It also has a better screen - a resolution upto 640X480 video playback.... Cool!!!!

2. Sony Ericsson K790i:

Here is a phone with a 3.2 megapixel autofocus CyberShot Camera.... Other features include a full color screen (262K), with an EDGE support, and a Xenon flash. Priced around 20k (or maybe less), this phone seems to be an ideal choice for a photo enthusiast, or a gadget freak. But, its not a "smart phone", and doesnt have a 3G network support, wifi etc, but who needs that anyways, when you are getting a 3.2 megapixel camera with it???

3. Canon Powershot A540:

An upgrade of the previous Powershot A520, it features a Digic2 Processor ( a remarkably faster processor compared to the original Digic) , with an USB2 support, and of course, a 6 mega pixel CCD with a 4X Optical zoom, and a huge 2.5 inch screen. And like its predecessor, it has some manual controls too. Takes excellent images!!!! Cant think of any negative qualities (well, except one, that is, it has a bit slow flash recharge time, which makes it a bit slow when taking consecutive night shots with flash). Priced around 17k, it comes with a 256 MB SD card, and a set of 4 NiMH cells with charger..... Quite a package!!!!
Well, these are a few of them... Will keep on updating if I find something interesting!!!!

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  1. it wud b sumwhat better if U also incude their prices updates..n ur verdict whether they really worth that much along with their pros n cons as U ve written for the first "Apple iPod"....