Sunday, July 30, 2006

Enjoying the Indian Summer

Well, its already been a day, and I am itching to write something here..... Have nothing else to do anyways!!!! Its been just a few days I have been at home, but I look forward to go back to Pune!!! About the place where I am now - its called Suratgarh (not to bo confused with Surat), a remote place in Rajasthan, about a 100km or so from the Indo-Pak border. Nothing interesting here though - you just have an extreme climate, and sand dunes here and there!!!! I live in the cantonment area, an enclosed area about 10 km from the main city.

It hasnt rained at all here since I had come - unlike other parts of the country where there are reports of floods!!! You dont dare to go out of the house after 8 in the morning. The evenings are comparatively pleasant though, but I like to spend that time in my room....

For me, its a boring place after my years in Pune, nothing much to do. The computer seems to be the sole companion to stay in touch with everyone. The whole day, either I am signed in to a messenger, or checking my scraps in Orkut, but that too becomes a bit monotonous at times!!! Well, there is 1 thing that I like here - mom's food!!!

Thats how my life is here - quiet!!! Well, in some ways, its a good way to spend your holiday, as you know that when you go back to work, you ll miss this quiet life very much!!!!

Chilling out!!!

I had recently gone to Delhi for some work with parents. This is a photograph on my way back to Suratgarh. It had finally stopped raining in Delhi after 3 consecutive days. It was a bright sunny sunday morning when we drove back. The photo is taken near a canal, near Hissar, about 150 km from Delhi. We were taking a break after a long drive.....