Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Its rainy season again... I remember as a kid when it used to rain - it gave me an excuse to skip school, sit at home and watch the rains from our house balcony, especially when the school is about to reopen after a long summer vacation. Or maybe, the teachers won't come to school, so we can have the whole school for ourselves.

But since the time I have started living in Pune, I don't look forward to this season that much... Any one who has stayed here would agree with me. Pune is one of the places where when it starts raining, it rains for 4 months non stop. Yes non stop. And I am not talking about the heavy downpour spells. Its just drizzling throughout the day, with a cloudy, gloomy sky. And this makes the roads (which are already in a bad and pitiable state) even worse and muddy. Not a single road is without potholes. It is a nightmare for any pedestrian to walk without getting his/her trousers and shoes completely covered in mud. And for the poor bike drivers, the conditions are obviously not favourable to drive at any time of the day. Fortunately, unlike Mumbai, there are no floods, or drainage problem, which is a relief.

But that doesn't mean that I have started hating the rains... I still love its first spell, followed by clear, blue, bright, sunny sky, the smell of wet ground, the rainbow... I wish that I was still a school-going kid, and I could enjoy missing the school for just one more day...