Saturday, May 17, 2008

Exam Time.... Again

Finally I am going to do it today - I have been thinking of giving Sun Ceritified Java Certification (SCJP) exam since 2006. And finally gathered the courage this week, and scheduled it for today. And that reminds me, this it the first time I'll be sitting for an "all-important-exam" after 2 years!!! Having a bit of those exam jitters today, reminding me of the good old days....

By the way, I noticed that this post has both "Sun" and "Sunday" as labels!!! What a coincidence :P !!!!

My Birthday This Year

Last week, I celebrated my birthday, yet again in Pune (it has been my 5th consecutive birthday celebration here). And, inspite of my birthday falling on a weekday, I had time to celebrate it with some of my "no-so-busy" friends.

It started with a call from one of my friends, asking me when can I come to their place at midnight (as they were a group of girls, it was not possible for them to come to my place at that time) - well, I was expecting some kind of a surprise thing, and instead, I get a direct invitation for my "surprise-birthday-party" 3 hours before!!! 

Next day, had a busy day at the office, but finally was able to chalk out some plan with 7 of my friends for dinner. Finally free at 9 PM, we all managed to reach one of my favourite Indian food restaurants... Had fun, and came back home around 1 AM. 

I generally remember my birthdays for all the bad things for the past 10 years - once, one of my friends was bitten badly by my dogs when he had come to my house (because of my carelessness), another time, I had a high fever, and once, I had a stupid, yet important exam to give in Bangalore (and on top of that, once we landed there, had no place in the whole city to stay, as it was packed with students from all over the country). So, looking at this year, I guess the jinx was broken!!! May be this is the last year I am celebrating my birthday here in Pune, a place where, I guess, I have spent some of the most memorable days so far....