Friday, July 30, 2010


For the past couple of months, I took the effort of shooting some panoramic views of Chicago. Now, what motivated me was a free software called Hugin, which creates such perfect stitched views. With some HDR processing, this is what the images look like. All I can say is - "Summers bring out Chicago's real beauty!!"

The Giant Eyeball at Pritzker Park, Chicago

Michigan Lake and south Loop, Chicago

View of downtown Chicago from Millennium Park - with the Cloud Gate at the center

Another view of the Cloud Gate, at downtown Chicago

Sunset and clouds, as viewed from my apartment window

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My 2 Cents - A Photoblog

A photoblog - yes, I finally decided to have a blog just for the photos I click. Now, why would I need a photoblog, when Flickr is the most popular place to share photos? Hmmm... there are a couple of reasons.

1. Flickr is an excellent site to share photographs - but may not be the best site to view them - especially if you don't have a Flickr account. 
2. Even with the new "preview" feature in Flickr, it is still open only to Flickr members. Non members still get to see the old site.

So, if I post something on Flickr, and want to share the photo with my non-Flickr friends, all they can see is a small preview of the photograph. The only way they can see an higher resolution version is via the slideshow - which is kinda ok, but for a user, not that intuitive.

Since I already had a Tumblr account (and I am too lazy to create a website all by myself, and pay a hefty fee for a host - maybe someday), and a domain name, I decided to make use of the unused place there to start my photoblog -