Sunday, November 30, 2008

Keyboard(r) - A New Intuitive Way to Search

While surfing through the net yesterday, I stumbled into something interesting called "Keyboardr" - a search engine. Well , not exactly a search engine, but a meta-search for Google, Blogspot, Google Images, Youtube and Wikipedia on a single page. But that's not the the unique stuff I noticed. The best part is that it searches as you start typing, and displays results immediately, refining the search results as you proceed typing new keywords (something similar to many of the commonly used desktop search applications, like Copernicus for Windows, or Leopard's inbuilt Spotlight ). Also, as the name suggests, it provides full navigation using your keyboard (using just the arrow keys and the enter key). I was quite impressed...

The home page provides a plain interface, with a search box.

As you start typing, it starts displaying search results immediately. Navigate with the arrow keys, and press enter to go to the search page

Do check it out at . Its worth a try!!! It works fine with Firefox and Safari browsers too.

The development team has its own blog at .

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