Friday, December 05, 2008

Me a Trainer?? No Way!!!!

It happened in November. Got a mail from my manager asking if I was willing to contribute something towards the general awareness of the employees here in my company - in other words - taking a training session on some technical stuff I have been working for the past couple of years. Having nothing better to do, I agreed.

The first series of session was attended by an abominably small number of people, but it was fun, none the less - I mean, handling a handful of people in my first EVER training session, helps you deal with LESS number of questions / doubts :) ... After putting 5 days of effort, my first session was finally over (in my opinion it was a success - that's STRICTLY my opinion)... Got a decent feedback, which encouraged me to accept the next training session in December.

Here is the thing now - there are now 25 people who BELIEVE that I can TEACH, and everything turned out to be... well, a chaos on the 1st day. I was thinking - "WHY the hell did I even think of doing this again??". Things cooled down after a day or two (as a few of them backed out) - leaving a decent number of souls (15 to be approx) at my disposal ;) . Infact, I have started liking this new role of mine so much (again), it makes me wonder "Why the hell didn't I do this before?".

I am thinking - how good am I? Teaching has always been my so-called "strength" in school or college days. I am still confused if I am going to take another of these classroom training next month...

BTW, the training is on Java webservices - and my manager thinks I have gained enough expertise to start training people - I was myself not aware of this till the 1st time I started speaking in the classroom..


  1. Hiya...

    U've got a very interesting blog...
    About this post... I have been in your shoes and I personally feel teaching is addictive... u just can't say no to it ;) I got drawn to it so much that my final days of Cognizant were spent in Academy ;)

  2. Thanks Sravya for the comments... Ya, I know what u mean by teaching getting addictive... Feeling the same these days too :)

  3. You.. and not a trainer !! You love to teach don't you :-)


  4. What a BIG surprise to read YOUR comments :) ... Why don't you have a blog of your own?

    Regarding teaching, yes, I do love to teach (you know abt that already :) )... But it had been long since I actually taught in a classroom in front of 15 people I haven't seen before :P

  5. Well you know, i have been keeping busy lately :-D

    But i do write sometimes.. mostly for my own satisfaction :)