Thursday, November 26, 2009

My First Date with the Nikon D90

I had a blog post of an almost similar name a couple of years back - when I had got Canon A570IS. And after months of research and reading online articles, watching videos, I finally ended up ordering Nikon D90 with 18-105mm VR kit lens. It arrived this Tuesday, and I was SUPER excited - so excited that I left office a couple of hours earlier than usual :)

I would have loved to have shot an unboxing video (but, I was TOO impatient- just grabbed a knife and opened the box the instant I got home). I had also ordered some additional accessories (that included a Dolica Proline tripod). So, the first thing I do is to setup the camera on the tripod and shoot with a reasonably long exposure (30s). Thankfully, it was dark outside. And I liked the result :)

For the past 2 days, I have been reading about the features of the camera - in fact, had bought a book by David Busch specifically for that.

I guess I'll be using my Flickr account big time now.


  1. Cool! Looking forward to seeing some exhibition of talent.. :)

  2. nice post bhatta. I can even see the droplets, was it raining? I suggest plan a day light photoshoot with people, I hope 105 mm will give you sufficient distance to shoot without making your subjects aware that they are being clicked.

  3. @Cosmos: Thanks :P

    @Sachin: Yes, it was raining. The 105mm kit lens does the task of zooming into distant subjects to a good extent. But I am looking for some fast prime lenses (like for example 35mm F/1.8 lenses- they are cheap too :) ) - the kit lens' aperture goes down to F/5.6 when zoomed into 105mm, which annoys me sometimes.

  4. Once again, Brilliant!
    I would be looking forward to one masterpiece after another i guess.. :-)
    Lagey Raho!