Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cooking and Me

Today's hot topic - my cooking. As Agila pointed out, I should blog about it. Good idea!!!

I was never into cooking. Even as a kid, I seldom watched how my mom made those delicious dishes. Until recently, I didn't even know how to boil an egg. The only thing I was able to make was tea. My parents' friends used to praise my "tea preparing skills" like anything (my mom taught me that way back when I was in 9th grade). Otherwise, I was utterly useless in the kitchen. And to be very frank, I never had to worry about it at all. Once I left home for college, thanks to the hostel food and cafeteria, my hunger problems were taken care of - well not exactly the way I would have preferred (implying the food was just horrible). But I survived those 4 years. Then when I started working, office cafeteria didn't make me feel the need to bring cooked food from home.

Living in Pune also had its advantages from the food front. Why would I want to learn to cook when there were numerous eating joints throughout the city. With all types of cuisines imaginable, I enjoyed my stay in Pune.

Now, when I am in US, the regular home made Indian food seem to be a delicacy. Before leaving India, my mom tried to give me a crash course in cooking, but failed miserably (she teaches well, but me being me, had other things in mind at that time).

And yesterday, with a bit of imagination, I tried to make something from what was available in the refrigerator - potatoes and peas (with tomatoes and onions), and some assorted spices. And to me surprise, it actually turned out to be delicious (well, there was no one else to vouch for that). But all in all, I was happy. Now I can experiment with other things. And I realized, that cooking can be fun :)

May be a blog on "Abhishek's own recipes" some day, eh? :D


  1. Haha.. cool.. you know, I still can't trust myself with tea.. I always leave it to my friends to help themselves.. It is such a simple thing to make, but I feel it is a delicate procedure at the same time and quite an art in itself.. so much so that a minor deviation from the procedure meant for a certain kind of tea can make all the difference between the 'perfect tea' and the 'good tea'..:)


  2. I know. And you know the funniest part? I am not a tea person myself - in fact haven't even tasted the tea I have made :P

  3. Thanks for letting me know.. I will stay away from your tea.. :P

  4. arre wah mere sher.. cooking and all... :-)
    //I was utterly useless in the kitchen//--Ditto :-P
    //had other things in mind at that time//--Ahem Ahem! I can totally pick on you on that.. but wont.. ;-)
    //And I realized, that cooking can be fun :)//--Thats totally totally cool.. point to be added in your matrimony profile.. LOLzz...
    //May be a blog on "Abhishek's own recipes" some day, eh? :D//OMG.. you have reached the last stage of the ailment! LOLzz.. :-P :-D
    I am glad to see a fun-too post from you after a long time Abhishek.. Would look forward to more of such stuff.. and of course some delicious delicacies as well.. ;-)