Saturday, October 13, 2007

Orkut or Facebook?

I have been using Orkut for more than year, and came in touch with loads of friends - infact orkut was the first social-networking site I joined and enjoyed. Simple interface, nothing complicated - you add friends, view his/her profile, scrap/ message them, become their fans, write a testimonial etc etc - I mean how difficult can that be? Now, the limitation on the number of the photographs has also been removed, allowing people to share loads of photographs to the whole Orkut community. There have been loads of improvements every now and then, but the essence of Orkut has remained the same - keep in touch with friends.

Last month, after loads of invitations from loads of my friends to join Facebook, I finally signed-up (I hate those bulk invitations which many sites have - you just need to enter our email and password, and voila!!! It will then automatically send invitations to all your contacts). I was initially a bit skeptical about joining another social-networking site - I already have most of my friends in Orkut, so why join another one??? But, I was curious, why are so many people sending so many invitations to join Facebook??? I agree, it is too popular in US, but not that much here in India - I don't think it is possible to beat the popularity of Orkut in India. Whatever, I finally joined. Its not exactly like Orkut, or to that matter Hi5 or other social networking site. Its different. Ok, you have the usual make friends stuff, but there is something else too -Facebook apps. The great thing about these application is that you can add any number of applications in your profile page, and share them with your friends. There are games, just for fun applications etc etc already available in Facebook. Then, you can even change the position of all these apps in the page, and loads of other stuffs to keep you busy!!! There was one more thing which I liked - here, you can share your albums your friends only - public sharing is also available as an option.

So, what do you prefer, Orkut or Facebook? Frankly speaking, Facebook is different, provides you loads of things to pass your time with, and having many new and interesting features. But again, most of the groups/ networks are US oriented, so its not easy to find an Indian network that easily. Also, most people in Facebook (those I have in my friends list ) already are a part of the Orkut community, which is growing every day. And, somehow, I like the simple way of scrapping people in Orkut (it has become such a familiar interface by now). And. Orkut has been such a helpful tool to keep in touch with old schoolmates. So, I still love Orkut (even though I hate it when it says there is no donut available for me).

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