Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here I am, on a Sunday morning

It has been such a long time I posted anything on my blog, forget about looking at it..... What can I do?? Just couldn't find time :(

Today, as I got up a bit early (its a Sunday, for God's sake), and as I had nothing interesting to do, I wondered, why not update my blog a bit.... I was surprised to see that blogger is out of its beta stage, and even more surprised (though I many of my friends knew that I had predicted it) when I read about Bangladesh scoring a victory over our beloved "men in blue"!!!!

Going to watch 300 today, excited about it - I was dying to watch the movie, after watching the trailer last year (even though I don't like violent movies at all, I am sure I ll be loving this movie). And back to office tomorrow (had to go to office on Saturday too, damn it).

Aahh.... I just remembered, a long while back, I had posted an article about reviews of gadgets etc..... FYI, I now am a proud owner of Nokia 5300 Xpress Music, and, believe me, it rocks!!!! :D

Thats all for now.... Hopefully, I ll keep posting something or the other frequently.... (By the way, again FYI, I am in love with Google's Picasaweb.... do check out the link : , it simply rocks too).

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