Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Washing tomatoes

Washing tomatoes, originally uploaded by abhishekontheweb.
Another photo blog - shows how bored I get sometimes in the evening, after a busy day at work. Thats what I have been upto in the kitchen tonight - clicking photos instead of cooking. At least the tomatoes are thoroughly washed now!! :)



  1. Hahahhaa Abhishek.. I visited my blog and noticed on my blog updates that Abhishek's new post was titled 'Washing tomatoes'. :) It instantly brought a smile on my face and after reading your post/seeing the pictures, I am laughing all by myself at midnight. :D Please take that as a compliment 'cos I was just about to give up on work and go off to sleep and your post has brought some enthusiasm back into my brain. :D I should thank you for that! :)

    //..shows how bored I get sometimes in the evening, after a busy day at work.//
    You have no idea how jealous that makes me. You have time to take pictures of a tomato being washed.. hmmmm

    Very nice pictures btw.. The tomato is also pretty ahem ahem I must say... ;) There is some surface tension on awesome display especially in the first pic. :)

    Cheers! Keep it up!! :)

    P.S. Please do not sit and count the number of exclamatory marks and smileys. :D
    P.P.S. As if the comment wasn't long enough I have a P.S. and a P.P.S. too :P

  2. Thanks Agila :) The comment was longer than the post actually :D

    How do you like my new blog design btw?

  3. Yup! I was going to add that.. but then thought that it will unnecessarily add a P.P.P.S... :P

    Really nice template!! :) Looks like a child's scrapbook! (Compliment hai theek hai.. ) I saw at least three different versions of it since morning.. :D Is this final or still making up your mind? :) Cheers!

  4. Ha ha. Indeed, I had three versions posted since morning (couldn't make up my mind actually :) ) - now this is final. (I had thought of another background image, but on second thoughts, found it a bit effeminate :P)

    Did you know that these are actually blogger templates inside

  5. Nope I didn't. Your blog is taking forever to download though.. Has it got anything to do with your template?

  6. I don't think so. Its loading quite fast - consistently...