Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Day at the Movies

I remember having this conversation with a friend of mine when I was in New York during Christmas. We had booked tickets for a movie, as we had nothing else to do on a rainy day. As we were going to the screens...

Me: You remember the screen number, right? (I always ask that question, every time I go to a multiplex to watch a movie, even if I had the tickets in my pocket).

Friend: Yes, its on the ticket (duh!!). Its screen 9.

Me: Great (dunno why I said that, doesn't make the movie any better if its on screen 9, but whatever)...

We go in.

But its already playing a movie - and looks like it has already reached the climax.

Me: Didn't know that they have started showing such elaborate scenes in trailers.

Friend: Ooops... Thats "Invictus", and its not a trailer.

We walk out.

Me (Contemplating): So, it was screen # 9, right?

Friend: Yup, thats what the ticket said. May be we are a bit too early.

Me (Curious now): Let me have a look at the tickets.

And promptly, I look at the tickets.

Me (Giving that I-knew-it look): Do you remember what movie are we going to watch?
My friend thinks for a while.

Friend (now embarrassed): He he... Now don't you pull my leg. . . . .

(Psst... We were there to watch the movie "Nine")...


  1. Hahahahhaaaaaaaaaa... Why do I seem to know precisely who your friend is? ;) And of course, Abhishek, you being with him, that guy was surely very distracted... :P

    Cheers! :)

  2. You stole my theme.. :P But, I liked your earlier theme much better.. It was more colorful and cheerful.. somehow suited your blog better.. :)

  3. Thanks :)

    Firstly, how do you know its a guy or a girl? :) This was real blogging material stuff, and my "friend" had warned me not to mention this incident, but me being me, couldn't resist (and such instances when I am able to take some one else's case is rare)...

    As far the theme is concerned, I was bored with my previous theme. And it was slow too. So decided for something plain. And don't you find white color cheerful?

  4. So!! You finally got this up..
    What has this world come to? Humanity has become extinct in this world. I am running away to Himalayas soon and taking sanyaas. This is what work does to someone who is already insane like me..

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