Saturday, May 23, 2009

GeekTool ~ A Way to Make Your Desktop More Useful

There are various ways to make your computer desktop more useful. People use widgets to display various details directly on their desktops. I had heard about something called "GeekTool" a long time back, but hadn't actually bothered to have a look at it. Yesterday, while browsing, I came across a series of screenshots flaunting the use of Geektool. I got curious and started exploring. And, I liked it.

Geektool is a utility for your Mac which allows you to post results of various terminal commands (Unix commands). This can vary from simple date and time commands, to other system commands like top, ps. And, the outputs can be displayed in various fonts and colors, thus blending with your wallpapers. Try it out.

You can get various scripts for your Geektool by just searching about it on Google.

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