Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Earth Hour

Yesterday, at 8.30 PM in the evening, we switched off the lights for an hour for the "Earth Hour". I have been getting mails, not only from my friends, but also from my company, reminding me about the importance.

When I first heard about this a month back (I suppose ), I laughed it off. I mean, what were these people who decided to start this even thought of achieving by switching off lights for an hour? I kept getting more and more mails about this event. I was amused at the same time - we anyways have a 2 plus hours load shedding every day - so is it a double "Earth Hour" every day? :)

The main difference I find here is "choice" - if i switch off all the lights voluntarily, instead of forcefully every day, it symbolizes how much we are concerned about the current environmental condition. If we can stop what we are doing, and participate in this event, it should serve as an eye-opener for all the world leaders out there who have the power to make a change.

So there I was, coming back home, and I chose to use the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Let us hope that something is done to ameliorate the current situation.

Update: A few cities in Maharashtra (for example, my friend's home town) have a daily load shedding at that time, so she didn't have to take an extra effort in switching off lights and fans :P

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