Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tagging The Digital Music

I am obsessive about my music collection - you can say that I actually suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to digital music - I like everything to be properly tagged, with cover arts. I remember, last year, when I bought my iPod, I spent an entire week sorting my entire collection. Initially I was manually updating some 4000+ songs, but then, I came across some good tools. So this post is mainly about those tools.

First is the TagRunner - this software automatically searches for missing tags in your music files. So the major part of your tagging problems are taken care by it. Next, if you use iTunes to listen to music, Tunesleeve can be used to search for album arts for each of the albums. It looks into your iTunes library and updates the cover arts of most of the albums (assuming all your songs are properly tagged with the correct albums).


  1. hi! i especially like this last post, being a music junkie meself...
    iTunes is really a good software rey.. and thnx for he info abt TagRunner. realy helpful

  2. The tag runner software came as a savior - b4 that, i didn't have the patience to manually edit each of the 4000 songs i had. Just ran the software overnight, and by morning, 80% of my songs (mainly the English ones) were tagged with artist names, album names, year, genre etc.. All I need to do was to import these songs into iTunes, and run TuneSleeve - this was a bit of a manual process, as this software crashed if there were too many songs in a single batch. So, had to manually select batches of 20 songs and run TuneSleeve. Fortunately, after a week or so, my album arts were also complete :)

  3. no blogging ofr a while eh? :)

    and abt the star rating on my blog... i dunno... cant figure out... cuz i thot blogger ki den thi woh... :O

  4. yup, the star thing was accidentally switched on by Google for a few random users... :P

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