Saturday, November 03, 2007

Delicious Bookmarks

Ever wondered how to keep an online list of all the sites you have bookmarked, so you can access it from anywhere in the Internet?? Well, there is something called "Delicious". Seriously, it is called delicious, and it indeed is!!! I have been using it for some months now, and I find it very very convenient all the time. Next time, I don't need to enter those keywords in Google and search for that great site I visited - I just log in to my free delicious account, and there it is - just a click away!!!

Try it. You can also look into other's public bookmarks. Ok, if you don't know what am I referring to - it simply means that you can categorize all your bookmarks into public and private. Public includes general info sites etc which you don't mind sharing with the whole world, and private.... well, as the name suggests, its "private" and confidential, so that you need to log in with your password to view those... Simple, right?? Yes, it is.... You can also create a network of delicious accounts with your friends, colleagues, to make bookmark sharing even more easier.

You can access my public bookmarks in delicious from here.

Please note: This is not an advertisement or anything. I am just posting a tool which I find useful everyday... Look for posts with tag as "tools" in my blog. I'll be adding new posts every now and then.

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